Day 26: Christchurch
21 January 2010
5085km - map

A lazy start to the day was halted by the realisation that the campervan had run out of tap water and we had to empty our bottled water into the tank to have just a dribble of a the shower we had looked forward to. We headed back off the peninsular and into central Christchurch where we parked the van up for an hour and took a walk around.

Sarah has bought and read a few books and now no longer wants them and they represent a significant weight we could do without that might otherwise put us over our airline baggage allowance so we found a Salvation Army shop and donated the books to them. We've been looking for some kind of charity shop for the books for the past few days in each town that we passed through but it seems there are almost no charity shops in the country at all.

We got back in the van and went to a campsite on the outskirts of the city centre where we set up for the night before catching the bus back into the city centre in the evening. We started off in Lyme Bar for some cocktails followed by a Burmese meal (a first for me) at a restaurant just across the road. The Burmese food was quite nice and came with a curious statement on the menu, "Burmese food is lots of tasty dishes to eat with rice that make you want to eat more rice." Afterwards we had a wander around the city stopping at an Irish pub called The Bog where there was some live music and had a couple of pints each before getting the last bus back to the campsite for a (relatively) early night.

Enjoying cocktails in Lyme Bar
Enjoying a beer at 'The Bog'