Day 6: Sydney
1 January 2010

The first day of the new year and decade was a leisurely affair, we enjoyed breakfast in our hotel room and bought an hour of internet time at the hotel to catch up with friends on Facebook and send emails to friends and family. All to a background of endless episodes of Come Dine With Me which was being shown on one of the Australian channels.

Around lunchtime we took a walk around some of the rest of Sydney, window shopping and eating lunch along the way. We visited the Powerhouse Museum of Design and Technology which was fascinating and entertaining and almost empty! We rode the monorail back to the hotel and did some packing ready for the flight in the morning.

After a brief mix up with international dialing codes on our part and with flat car batteries on hers, we met up with our friend Teesh for an hour in the evening. She had just returned from staying with her family in New Zealand for Christmas and New Year and had just flown in that evening from Christchurch. She had been kind enough to order a couple of mobile SIM cards for us to use in New Zealand (she got a much better deal being a resident than we would have) so we wanted to get those from her but we also had a present of two Norwich Beer Festival pint glasses to give to her. It was great to meet up with her if only for an hour but all too soon she was on her way and we had to finish packing. We hadn't eaten since lunchtime so we ordered a burger and chips from the room service menu which was lovely and got an early night. We had to be at the airport at 7am the following morning after all.

The Powerhouse Museum of Design & Technology
The Sydney Monorail
Us with Teesh